Casino cruises unite the enthusiasm for gambling with the magnificent wish to drift on huge water bodies and experience ideal silence, caressing nature from everywhere.
Day cruises are a subject of four to five hours out of which one hour is spent in reasonable down to international waters.

Since the day casino cruises offer limited time to gamble, it keep the players from spending lot of cash and running into debts.

As the time ends, all players must to create a move, be it in an unwanted mood. Besides gambling, day cruises are perfect for short and tranquil evenings.

Casino cruises are an eternal source of activity and means to a ideal holiday. But since gambling often entails grave consequences, many states do permit neither gambling nor casinos.

Play ocean themed slot games at online casinos while you are chilling in your cabin. It is a great way to relax and kill time while on your cruise holiday. You can make some bucks too!

In these scenarios, the casinos are located on boats that can sail into international waters to operate.

Owing to this the casinos of some famous places such as Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New York etc. are spilling over with gamblers who come from nearby states to enjoy.
Looking upon the requirements and needs of gaming devotees, there are different casino cruises available these days.

For example most casino cruise organization offer day trips while some others present overnight trips.

Usually the day trips are efficient throughout the week whereas some corporation present trips that run only on weekends.

In contrast to hours of daylight cruises are overnight ones that more often than not happen on large cruise lines. These cruise liners are hubs of entertainment, one of its best form being ‘casino'.

These casinos present plenty of time to gamble and enjoy. The gambling benefits are great... free drinks and other comps. But on the same hand it runs the danger of many gamblers going bankrupt.

There are also odds of argument and squabble. However if you had had sufficient of gambling, you can go to other wing of the ship and relish different laughter programs there.

Apart from huge boozing and gambling, the most inadequacy of these overnight cruises is their expense. These cruises are extremely luxurious and so not within everyone are reached.




Riverboat casinos were first legalized in Iowa in 1991 and their fame has increased radically since that time.

In the beginning, betting on riverboat casinos was partial to $5.00 bets and an utmost loss of $200.00 for each cruise passenger.

Riverboat casinos slowly moved to Illinois and Mississippi, where there were no limits and casinos were open 24 hours a day.

In 1994, riverboat casinos were commenced to Missouri, the last state to authorize riverboat casinos.

Riverboat casinos are legal in six states, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri. Gambling in Missouri is awesome!

They look like the grand riverboats of the past; though, they hardly ever leave the shore and remain at dockside.

The Mississippi riverboat casinos have to be lastingly ported with gangplanks from the shore to the casino.

A number of riverboat casinos, boats on moats, are bulky barges with casinos on deck, considered to float on pools adjacent to the river.

Most of the riverboat casinos operate on the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers, with the exemption of Illinois, which permit them on the Des Plaines, Ohio, and Illinois rivers, as well.

Each state has its own gambling limits for riverboat casinos, counting number allowed, types of games, admission charges, number of hours spent in cruising, and amount of gambling time permitted.

There are a range of games on riverboat casinos, as well as blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, slots, and video poker, as well as regular shows, featured entertainer, dinner, and dancing.

Some admired riverboat casinos comprise the Argosy VI in Indiana, with 2,300 slots and 80 table games for over 4,000 passengers; the Grand Victoria Casino in Illinois; the Ameristar Casino in Missouri, with the biggest balanced casino floor in the world; and the Mississippi Belle II in Iowa.

The Tunica Queen, a 3-deck riverboat casino attribute afternoon and evening gambling cruises, is very popular in Mississippi.

One of the latest riverboat casinos is L'Auberge du Lac in Louisiana, a single-level deck, with 40,000 square feet of betting space, 60 table games, and 1,600 slot machines.

Another famous riverboat casino in Louisiana is the Treasure Chest, featuring 1,000 slot machines and several types of poker games.




Georgia casinos includes of 2 cruise ships, one that docks in Savannah and the other in Brunswick.

The Georgia casino boats sail 3 miles into global waters where casino gambling is allowed.

Cruises aboard Georgia casinos are available during the day with some cruise lines offering an evening cruise.

Other Than the Georgia casinos, the state has a lottery and several poker/card clubs for those looking to try their luck.

The Millionaire’s Casino Boat is located in Savannah and has everything to make a day of gambling enjoyable.

The boat has a full kitchen and a hospitality staff that waits to serve guests. A variety of gambling games are offered as well, including craps, roulette, and blackjack.

A number of casino slot machines also exist in on the Millionaire’s Casino Boat. The casino ship is open from 8am to 2pm, giving vacationers to Georgia plenty of time to take in all the other attractions of Savannah.

While in Savannah visit one of the tour companies to make sure you don’t miss any of Savannah’s most popular destinations.

One must-see spot is the Tybee Lighthouse that has been lighting the way into the Savannah River for mariners for over 250 years. A night out on the town holds many options as well, from jazz clubs to piano bars.